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Collaborative projects with dance, theatre, the visual arts etc.

Meet at the Bench - Sound piece for LIGNA (Hamburg) with Raquel Messeguer-Zafe

Out of the Shadows - Sound Installation for photographic exhibition 'shining new light on dementia' by Gill Ashington at the Beaney, Canterbury in collaboration with Bright Shadow.

Jamie McCarthy Interviews Arvo Pärt included in On Minimalism: Documenting a Musical Movement  by William Robin and Kerry O'Brien (pub. University of California Press).

R and D for new Dance Quartet Project choreographed by Seke Chimutengwende (dancers Seke Chimutengwende, Charlie Ashwell, Temitope Ajose-Cutting and Matthias Sperling).

Workshops and R and D for dance and digital art project for people living with dementia with Bright Shadow , Kate Willis, Nic Sandiland and Yael Flexer.

Tracing the Light in Darkness - An audio work in collaboration with Saffy Setohy as part of the Stirlingshire Remembering Together  project (part of the Scotland-wide Remembering Together project).


In Worlds Unknown - with Seke Chimutengwende and Eleanor Penny for Candoco Dance Company.

Empire of a Faun Imaginary - voice coach and composition for dance piece with Simone Mousset.

Breaks and Joins - a short film about repair as an act of resistance with Sue Mayo and Chuck Blue Lowry.

Meaningful Places - Workshops and pilot of virtual reality project for people living with dementia with Bright Shadow and University of Kent.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting at the Herbert Gallery as part of Coventry City of Culture.

Detective Work - A collaboration between choreographers Seke Chimutengwende and Steph McMann and Neurolive (a 5-year interdisciplinary research project bringing artists, scientists and audiences together to study what makes live experiences special).

Becoming Fungi, Becoming Forest - a site-specific inter-disciplinary piece with sirenscrossing / Carolyn Deby as part of Coventry City of Culture.   

2017 – 2021 - A Crash Course in Cloudspotting - various versions of an audio-visual installation around the etiquette of our public spaces and the unseen experiences of lives lived with chronic pain and other invisible needs. With Raquel Messeguer-Zafe and Unchartered Collective.
Plastic Soul – Dance / Performance Art piece with Seke Chimutengwende.
The Forecast – queer dance piece with Orrow Amy Bell and Hetain Patel. (Winner of a Total Theatre Judges’ Discretionary Award at the Edinburgh Festival 2019).
The Shakes - a dance piece by Simonetta Alessandri. Commissioned by Echo Echo Dance, Derry.
Dear Dilemma – A film by Chuck Lowry and Sue Mayo working with intergenerational and cross-cultural women’s groups around ideas of ‘decorum’.

2008 – 2018 - 
Founding member and music, dance and text improvising performer with Neat Timothy improvisation collective.
And All the Men We Saw Today – A sensory audio walk in Bedminster, Bristol around issues of ‘masculinity’, food and environmentalism made with Joanna Young and Kip Johnson. Made in collaboration with the Man Food project with Dr. Emma Roe and Dr. Paul Hurley.

Greater Than the Sum of the Parts - dance piece with excluded school students in Winchester with Andrea Buckley.
I Live In It - Intergenerational dance piece with Sue Mayo, Eleanor Sikorski and Magic Me. (Part of The Gratitude Project).
Are We There Yet? - Intergenerational theatre performance with Magic Me.
To the Birds – Research and Development with Choreographer Alex Howard.

The Endgame – a dance piece by Olatz de Andrés.
2008 – 2016:
Composer / Performer with Fevered Sleep Performance Company.
Pieces: Stilled, An Infinite Line, Brilliant, The Forest, Songfield, Little Universe, Above Me the Wide Blue Sky, Men and Girls Dance.
With choreographer Joanna Young.
Re: Defining Beauty (Commissioned by The Place and The British Museum) Participatory project for dancers aged 50-85 years performed in the British Museum.
Don’t Think About a Purple Daisy (Research project funded by Wales Arts International in residence at Work Space Brussels).
Sharing at Kaai Studios, Brussels and Performances at Cardiff Dance Festival.
About Cardiff West - Residency and dance film with young people in Cardiff West.

The Nodines - an interactive dance experience for children and adults, led by a family of dancers (Simonetta Alessandri, Rick Nodine and Stella Nodine).

Glow - dance / performance piece for babies and toddlers with Flying Eye Company.
Dead Gig - Composer and co-devisor with Rick Nodine.
Finalist in the Place Prize (international prize for choreography).
1993 – 1996
Composer and director with multi-media performance ensemble HUB (Liverpool).
Wake, The Convention of Angels Part 1: Lucifer with Solon Papadopoulos (Film-maker).

Other collaborations:
Sue MacLennan (Choreographer) – Off Your Clogs II, Slipway, Just Seconds Before, Present-ing Past.

Lost Dog Dance Co. - Hungry Ghosts, Salvage, The Rain Parade.

Dog Kennel Hill Dance Co. - Marks, Measures, Maps and Mind, I Like Short Songs.

Smallpetitklein Dance Co. (Thomas Small) - Twisted Tongue Tales, State of Me, Dirty.

Nic Sandiland – Hypermarket.

Sasha Roubicek - Mapping the Line, Milestones, The Space of Time, Tracks, Breaking Trail.

Tim Casson (Choreographer) and Tom Butterworth (Digital Artist)  - Fiend.

Beatrice Gibson (Visual Artist) – If The Route … (The Great Learning of London).
A performance with ten 'Knowledge' students (trainee London black cab drivers and string quartet. Also a series of seven radio broadcasts by Gibson and McCarthy and six invited collaborators.)

Pan Project for Intercultural Research and Performance - Itan Kahani (Composer Adrian Lee), Kali Yug.

Doocot Theatre of Objects and Figures - House, Peacock (composer Sylvia Hallett).

Still Standing Dance Theatre Company - Crossing Water, Flying Fish and The Cook’s Hat.

Young National Trust Theatre Company with Sue Mayo A Land Fit for Heroes?, An Endless Maze, Virtues and Vanities.

Andrea Buckley (Choreographer) – Walking Within.

Paula Hampson (Choreographer) – The White Room.

Gregory Nash and Fin Walker (Choreographers) and Solon Papadopoulos (Film-maker) – Kneeling with the Fishes.

Jeff Young (Writer) – This Red Earth, The Kite Flyer.
Music for TV and Radio.

With Solon Papadopoulos: The Dockumentary (Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary), Warship, Two Fat Ladies.

With Lawrence Turnbull: Night Frontier.

With James Friel: Radio 4 Classic Serial adaptation of Villette by Charlotte Brontë.

Recordings for other musical artists.

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