There are some pieces I’ve made that don’t really have a home on any of the albums I’ve made, or that I can’t release because of copyright implications. Here are some of those tracks:

Music from Seke Chimutengwende's piece Plastic Soul.

All the tracks are made using samples from Motown recordings.

(Click on individual tracks to find out the original sources).

They Never Gave Us Anything Except We Took It

A piece featuring the voice of Chris Hedges speaking to

Occupy Protesters reading his essay, 'The Best Among Us'

(Occupy Washington D.C. on Oct. 6, 2011). 

Little Universe

Music made largely on music game app's on my phone for Little Universe 

a children's piece by the company Fevered Sleep.

Greenwich - 3rd June 2018

A piece I made for an assignment on a field recording course I did

with Marcus Leadley at Goldsmiths University, using sounds from Greenwich the River Thames and the courtyard at Trinity College of Music.

Seir (Iranian Journey)

Another piece using field recordings, this time  a sound travelogue of a couple of weeks I spent visiting Iran between

4th and 15th Dey 1397 (25th December 2018 and 5th January 2019). 

Hope's Two Beautiful Daughters (Anger and Courage)

A wee bit of noise from Don't Think About A Purple Daisy by Joanna Young.

'If the Route': The Great Learning of London [A Taxi Opera].

Performance at Studio Voltaire, London :: Friday 9th March 2009 at 7.30pm.

A collaboration with ten 'Knowledge' students (trainee London black cab drivers), Artist Beatrice Gibson and string quartet.