Excerpts from 

Don’t Think About a Purple Daisy

made in collaboration with Joanna Young and Belinda Neave.

Excerpts from 

And All The Men We Saw Today

A sensory audio walk in Bedminster, Bristol around issues of ‘masculinity’, food and environmentalism.

Made in collaboration with Joanna Young, Kip Johnson, Dr. Emma Roe and Dr. Paul Hurley

Stilled  - a collaboration with David Harradine of Fevered Sleep and Hans Jörg Schmidt.

(Performances of Stilled lasted between

three and twelve hours).

Maps, Measures, Marks and Mind

Dog Kennel Hill

Trailer for Plastic Soul 

by Seke Chimutengwende

Dear Dilemma

a film by Sue Mayo and Chuck Lowry

and an inter-generational group of women from Peterborough about ideas around 'Decorum'.

The Trailer for Amy Bell's piece

The Forecast.

Excerpts from An Infinite Line (Brighton)

by Fevered Sleep.

Excerpts from Fiend

by Tim Casson and Tom Butterworth.

Full performance of an improvisation by

Neat Timothy

at the Ufer Studios in Berlin 

for Tanzfabrik.

Mapping The Line by Sasha Roubicek,

using my track Inagh (Cullenagh).

Full credits and three other pieces I made in collaboration with Sasha at:


Excerpts from Brilliant

A show for children about light and darkness

by Fevered Sleep

I composed and performed in this one

and got to wear a specially made

pair of stag antlers


The Hidden Cameras playing AWOO at the Deaf Institute, Manchester, 21st March 2010

The Hidden Cameras playing Underage

in the street  - Vienna, July 2010