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In my collaborative work with other artists I also sometimes work with them as a mentor to help them gain a deeper awareness of and engagement with their own creative process. I have many years of experience working one-to-one with students on their creative projects and also three and a half years of training in Person Centred Counselling. The Person Centred approach very much takes the lead from the person you’re working with, aiming to hold a space where they can investigate their own concerns according to their own agenda rather than anything imposed from the outside.


Here are some things people have said about my work with them as a

mentor / facilitator.


“Working with Jamie at the very early stages of a process really

enhanced my thinking and relationship to the work we were making.

Having someone to listen to thoughts and ideas as they were forming, transforming and coming in and out of focus was such a valuable support during the creative process.”

    Choreographer / Independent Dance Artist



“Jamie sensitively lifted away some of the self-imposed blocks that

I’d inadvertently placed in my own creative path.”

Visual Artist


“I realised how useful and empowering it was to open up a personal

debate and voice aloud all my niggles and worries … it felt a huge step

forward in understanding many of my big confusions.”

   Independent Dance Artist


  "Working with Jamie not only enhanced the quality of the work I was able to make, but he also held the space for me to communicate and explore my

vulnerability around my creative process.”

 Choreographer / Independent Dance Artist



“The thought of talking about and sharing a lot of my inner world

questions and anxieties, made me initially feel a little nervous and wobbly.

However the reality of talking to Jamie and having him listen,

empathise and  encourage was wholly liberating.”

  Independent Dance Artist

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