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Programme for 'Overcoming Homosexuality: Confessions of Two Deviants.' Devised Performance Piece with Darren Brady and Johanne Docherty. (Edinburgh Festival, August 1986)

For a few years in the mid 1980's I played with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble. This was the programme for the Flanders Festival in Ghent. One of my first international gigs. (10th November 1986)

Playing Traditional Irish music with the much-missed poet and musician Michael Donaghy (left) and his friend Paddy (whose second name I can't remember). Down by the Cutty Sark, Greenwich Festival. (1988?)

Flyer for 'Crossing Water' a Dance Theatre piece I wrote and performed music for. With Sue Mayo and Jane Mooney as Still Standing Dance Theatre Company. One of my first commissions for dance. (1988)

Review in Le Matin Newspaper, Cotonou, Benin of 'Itan Kahani', a piece I performed in as a multi-instrumentalist with dancers Peter Badejo and Mallika Sarabhai and musicians Appu Vaz and Ian Parmel. With Pan Project for Intercultural Performance. (5th December 1994)

Publicity photo for 'Peacock' by DooCot Theatre of Objects and Figures. Music by Sylvia Hallett in collaboration with Jez Dolan and me. This was my drag for the first-half of the show - in the second half I was in 'Construction-Worker-from-the-Village-People' drag. (1994)


Poster for a Brehon Laws gIg (Early 1990's)

Flyer for Jenni Potter's play ' The Dickie Bird Waltz'. I performed as an actor in this piece rather than as a musician. (1995)

Review for the 'Dickie Bird Waltz'. L-R in photo: Me, the deeply missed Brian King, Jane Hogarth and Keith Lancaster. (1995)

My first of many collaborations with the choreographer Sue MacLennan. 'Off Your Clogs II' as part of Dance Umbrella's 'Percussive Feet' festival. (1996)

Flyer for my piece 'Wake' with 'HUB', the Music and Performance Ensemble I ran in Liverpool with composer Jonathan Raisin. (1994 to 1996)

Review for my piece 'Wake'. (1994)

Flyer for my piece 'The Convention of Angels Part 1: Lucifer'. Commissioned by the Brain King Award and Queer Up North Festival. (1996)

Jamie is Lucifer

Image from article about 'The Convention of Angels' in the Liverpool Echo. (1996)

Flyer for "Ripe Nights', a series of Dance performance nights at Union Chapel, Islington, London. I did an improvised performance with Paula Hampson. (Thursday 15th April 1999)

'If the Route ...' a performance I made with ten 'Knowledge' Students (trainee London black cab drivers), four string players and artist Beatrice Gibson. Performance, Studio Voltaire, Clapham, London. (Friday 9th March 2007)

Photo from an article in the NME about the Hidden Cameras. Front to back, L-R: Joel Gibb, Maggie MacDonald, Mike Barry, Michael Olsen, Me, Dave Meslin and Lex Vaughan. (30th October 2004)

The Hidden Cameras Hallowe'en show at Schocken in Stuttgart. L-R: Rudolf Hebenstreit, Wibke Albrecht, Maggie MacDonald, Ivan Turkalj, Me, Joel Gibb, Lex Vaughan, Lief Mosbaugh and Paul Matthew. (2006)

With the Hidden Cameras at Roskilde Festival, Denmark. (2nd July 2005)

Set list for Hidden Cameras gig at Volkbühne, Berlin. Mike Barry and Maggie MacDonald were the set list makers par excellence, with amazing collages and drawing adorning our order of play. Despite being daunted by their amazing set list skills, I would have a go from time to time. (3rd November 2006)

On tour with the Hidden Cameras I always used to keep myself occupied writing a diary and making collages from bits and pieces I picked up along the way. Here's a page on the day we made the journey to the Gender Bender Festival in Bologna. It was at this Festival that the Pope at the time (Ratzinger) decided to denounce the band in a newspaper as being 'not pop stars, but porn stars'. We were all delighted. (30th October 2006)

With the Hidden Cameras at Christopher St. Day Festival, Munich. (2007)

Hidden Cameras band members very excited to be dancing for 'The Flaming Lips' at Summercase Festival, Madrid. L-R: Me, John Power, Dave Meslin, Sheila Heti and Rudolf Hebenstreit. (14th July 2007)

The Hidden Cameras played for the Bayern München player Mehmet Scholl's testimonial match at the Allianz arena and the party afterwards. A few days before that we played and hung out with Mehmet at the Christopher St. Day Festival outside the Town Hall in Munich. L-R: Me, Mehmet Scholl and Ivan Turkalj. (2007)

The Hidden Cameras on the pavement outside my flat. L-R: Thomas Lechner, Mike Barry, Wolf, Maggie MacDonald, Joel Gibb, Michael Olson and Me. (2004?)

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Playin the violin whilst wearing antlers. With Laura Cubitt in Brilliant by Fevered Sleep. (2008)

Photo James McMenamin (2010)

'Dog of Hearts' (Laura Cubitt, Jonathan Allen, Jamie Bradley, JS Rafaeli and Me), supporting Scott Matthew at Bardon's Boudoir, Dalston, London. Photos James McMenamin. (2nd November 2009)

Jam at Chisenhale Dance Space as part of a Fundraiser. L-R: Kate Brown, Me, Henry Montes and Rick Nodine. Photo Mayan Patel. (3rd September 2014)

Poster for Neat Timothy Improvisation Group at Trip Space, Haggerston, London. L-R: Seke Chimutengwende, Gabriel Reuter, Gareth Green, Bryony Perkins. Rick Nodine, Jane Leaney and Me. (22nd October 2016)

Neat Timothy at Trip Space, Haggerston, London. L-R: Me, Jane Leaney, Seke Chimutengwende, Gabriel Reuter and Rick Nodine. Photograph Steffen Rüttinger. (22nd October 2016)

Still from 'Detective Work' by Seke Chimutengwende and Steph McMann (November 2021) Photo Hugo Glendinning

An audience member rigged up for neuro-monitoring by the Neurolive team at 'Detective Work' by Seke Chimutengwende and Steph McMann (November 2021) Photo Hugo Glendinning

Flyer for 'A Crash Course in Cloudspotting' Dir. Raquel Meseguer Zafe at the Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry (October 2021)

Collage of images from 'becoming fungi, becoming forest' sirenscrossing Dir. Carolyn Deby Coventry City of Culture (December 2021)

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