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A Tale of Lockdown Lack of Perspective.

9th July 2020.

I've been working on a new album on and off for the last year and a half. During lockdown I've been working solidly on mixing one of the tracks for weeks now. I've found it really stressful and finally finished a 'final mix' yesterday, thinking more 'I can't do anything more with it and I have to let it go go now' than I love that version.

By chance this morning I happened on a rough mix (actually quite a different version) I did of it last year, before all this work and effort and I actually love that version.

I guess as they're pretty different from each other I can just release them as separate mixes, but I think it reflects the over-focus that comes from being at home all the time and maybe even having too much time to fuss over something. Somehow I feel like I lost the essence of what I'd originally made.

Feels like a tough lesson to have learnt! Normally everything has to be done in such a hurry, maybe I don't really know how to handle having more time to work on things.

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