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‘Interrogation’ in Arts Practice.

27th July 2015.

For some reason the use of the word 'interrogation' in the context of artistic practice came to mind this morning. What a strange and confrontational word to use in relation to art.

Isn't interrogation usually only used when a high likelihood of guilt is presumed? 'My arts practice is guilty' (probably of not being 'rigorous' enough or something similar). Aren't the results of interrogation often highly unreliable because of the high pressure and levels of suspicion involved?

I don't mind a bit of witnessing of my arts practice - preferably with a gentle desire to get to know it better and done out of the corner of my eye so as not to disturb it and make it feel too self-conscious. I have a suspicion that it gets along a lot better without the sharp and clumsy knife of my limited intellect slashing away at its roots, stem and leaves.

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