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Music as Weather.

24th July 2017.

It's to do with the way things change - slowly - sometimes imperceptibly and then sometimes apparently suddenly. How there is an empty blue sky with only one cloud and then suddenly you notice it's completely covered in cloud, but you didn't notice when that happened.

It's also something about having a longer sense of timescale in the sound: sometimes that means a piece is 25 minutes long, or in the piece 'Stilled' it has, at its longest been 12 hours.

The feeling that everything is always in process and not achieving a goal-oriented end. Live, it means that there is a sense of 'coming togethers' and 'drifting aparts', but none of then are definitive - they are all just points in a process. In recorded work it means a similar quality in the sound, but of course, since it's recorded it has the possibility of being perceived as a 'definitive version' of something. Hopefully there's still something of the other qualities even in the recorded pieces.

Something about all sounds I create being 'interim' reports not only in terms of that particular process of putting together, but also in the different developments and combinations of materials that I have gathered over time (I often use the same materials in a few different pieces, sometimes over a period of years, but treat them or combine them differently - put them in different contexts - different 'lights' / 'weathers').

I like the feeling that that there are many different independent / interdependent processes in motion and they run along alongside each other, sometimes interacting, but sometimes seemingly just keeping going along their own path … co-existing within the same frame.

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