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Stories From the U.K. 'Benefits' System: 2.

18th October 2016.

'Oh we're not signing-on officers anymore, we're 'Jobsearch Coaches.'

'Oh right - did they give you some coaching training for that?'

'No ... and they don't give us any extra time to process all these new questions ... we're always running late.'

'Must be stressful.'

'Yes - it is. Now, if you can answer these questions they'll assist you in having a positive attitude towards your job search. We need to list your five best qualities as a person and for the kind of job you're looking for.

So ... what's your best quality in the field you're looking for work in?'

(As a joke ... ) 'Well I'm a composer. I write good music.’

Dutifully repeats and types in: 'Writes good music ...'

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